Ashley in the Interim, Part One

The following is a super quick mini fiction set in the world of Little Busters, a Tales from the Loop game I play in.

We are experiencing a little bit of a time jump, moving forward three years to 1992, after the monsters were defeated and most of the kids have drifted apart, moved away, or otherwise stopped being friends.

My character, Ashley is “The Jock” archetype. And I wanted to do some mental exercises to get into her head three years later. Here is part one.

Spring 1992:

Ashley sat on the bleachers looking out at her teammates running drills, she was nursing a *slightly* strained ankle which would have been easy enough to power through but the coach benched her anyway when he saw her limp.

It was fine, Samantha was there, her back leaning against Ashley’s chest as she read her biology textbook. Ashley ran her fingers idly through Sam’s auburn hair and let her mind wander. In moments like this it was almost easy enough to imagine being satisfied with this life. She could let go… Move on… Be happy. She smiled to herself.

A slight bit of movement to her right shook her from this as she saw the distinctive curly brown hair that could only belong to Darcy* disappearing off into the woods behind the bleachers. Her reverie dissolved… Reality returned.


“Yeah babe?”

“Have you ever seen anything weird in this town?”

“You mean like Greg Taylor’s mismatched socks?”

“No… I mean.. Unexplained… Adults acting weird… Mysterious stuff?”

Sam leaned away and looked at Ashley with a furrowed brow. “You have been reading too many of those weird books. I told you, try some Salinger or maybe some Dickens instead, ok? Something *normal.*”

“Yeah, you are right. Just silly weird thoughts.”

They leaned back into each other. Ashley resumed stroking Samantha’s hair. She was no longer smiling.

Amazing Art of Ashley provided by Julian, AKA: Triangle Art

(*Darcy is one of the kids who helped defeat the monsters, who Ashley has grown estranged from, much to her sadness.)

Author: Atomic Firebird

Friend of Birds, Aspiring Hobbit, Lover of Puns. I have been LARPing in the Boston area since 2008, as a player, game director, and community manager. In my mundy life, I hang out with my rescue parrot and homebrew D&D campaigns.

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