About Brit

When I am not running around outside being accosted by strange creatures, I am running around outside being accosted by strange creatures.

Well, usually just being used as a climbing structure by my companion parrots Rambo and Momo, or by the animals where I work at a wildlife sanctuary.

Rambo in front of a dirty window, for dramatic lighting effect!

I enjoy board games, esoteric or nerdy podcasts, dreaming up new costumes, and making puns so bad folks throw things at me.

I have been larping in New England for ten years as of this spring, and I intend to post about those experiences in between going on new adventures. I will keep an ongoing log at the top of the page of the characters I am currently developing or are playing in ongoing campaigns, and I intend to also keep a list of Larp communities and companies I support.

I have several projects in the works, I am developing a list of larping resources for teenagers, I have begun the arduous process of creating a Larp terminology Lexicon (it’s almost done, it will be the next big thing I post.) and I have some one shot games I am running with friends cooking in my brainspace which are set for the summer of 2019, and 2020 respectively.

I also really like the color yellow, it’s going to be a theme.