…And a Restart!

I have had a lot going on since that last post, I had to quit a larp, I lost my job, just, some general chaos. -BUT- I have built myself a post buffer so I can safely say that I will be back on my Monday post schedule.

“It’s not Monday though!”

Yes. This is true. Some very exciting things happened today, and I needed to write this bonus post to talk about the new Make Believe Discord server! But I need to back up a moment to why:

An article was shared yesterday around my larp Twitter friends called “Larp is not a Community.” 

I have a lot of thoughts on that article, I personally think that at best it was a poorly researched think piece that didn’t quite mean to come off so much as shirking social responsibility as it did, and at worst a divisive mess of an article meant to relieve all larps from any accountability of others in the community. I do not want to give the article more brainspace in my mind than I already have however, because out of that discussion something lovely was born.

I have always hoped that I could be of use in the community building department of the larp world. I love that through the internet, the pockets of larp that exist all over the world do not need to be isolated islands. There are many voices in the online larp world bringing folks together, and sharing knowledge, and I wanted to help in that effort, with whatever skills I could bring to the table.

I might not be able to make videos, but I have time, and I know how to manage a discord server. So, I made one, for larpers to have a (non facebook *cough*) place to chat and share ideas in a place that is being moderated by an awesome team of caring folks.

My goals for the Make Believe discord are simple, “respectful discourse and community building in the Live Action Role Playing community.” because I do believe that Larp is a community.

So please join us: Here!

I had a lot of help starting the discord and organizing the pages, so thank you so much to Z, Nik, Meg, Dann, and Dorlyn. ❤

Larp Prep Series: Packing! (Pt. Two)

Packing for Divine Intervention LARP: Part Two:

Costuming and Personal Effects


Part of a series in which I pack my kit for DI Larp. I pack a little heavy for this game, you will not have to pack this much in general for your standard weekend long boffer event.

This category could essentially be called: the only category that is really essential to actually play the game. One does not need to bring the food that I mentioned before, or the set dressing for their cabin that I will mention in the next post, to actually play the game. However, you do need a costume and a weapon, in general, at the bare minimum.

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“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you.”

-Roald Dahl

I drafted this a few months ago when I was trying to brainstorm this blog because so many of my friends have glasses woes. This is not meant to be the authority on glasses at larp, just my own experience, and I am happy to update if anyone has input!

Larping for Glasses Wearers!

As someone who wears glasses, weighing the pros and cons of wearing them at game can be daunting, I have heard all the arguments that wearing glasses at a combat game is unsafe, might break immersion if the game setting is not one where glasses are common, they are too expensive to bring to a game where one might lose them, etc…

While there are elements of truth to all of this, I have found that there are many ways to be able to attend a LARP and still be able to see! Continue reading ““And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you.””

On Larp and Community

Content Warning: I will be speaking about a traumatic death in my family. Please do not feel the need to read this if that is upsetting to you. The story has a good message, I think, but I do not want anyone troubled by my telling of it.

I am coming up on big anniversary for me, which is a sad anniversary, but also in a silver lining, bittersweet, sort of way is also a happy anniversary.

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“When you see someone putting on his Big Boots, you can be pretty sure that an Adventure is going to happen.”

― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

When I came to realize that this spring marks my official ten years of LARP-iversary, I did a lot of thinking about how I have changed as a LARPer, the various experiences I have had, and where my future lies in the community. Over several months I have been jotting down thoughts into a journal about larp theory, my experience, the changes I have seen in the world of LARP and I am now in the process of organizing all of those ideas and stories, memories, and critiques into something I am excited to share.

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