Current Larp Characters

This section is where I will keep an account of all of my current larp characters, for reference in case they come up.

Ebur Chantarelle: Divine Intervention Larp

Chantarelle is a character I wanted to be fun, easy to play, and I could justify taking naps in a hammock if I so desired. Divine Intervention is a Mage-Punk game, which I was drawn to because they advertised a fantasy feel, without needing to be beholden to a particularly rigid time period in costuming, and I was excited to dabble in some serious mish-mashing of styles. The Zamen culture read as very Hobbit-y so I was immediately whipping up images of a pipe-smoking bard who just wanted second breakfast and a nap.

When I make a character I tend to start with a color palette that I think defines them, and as the Zamen people were costume directed to be clashy and bright, I felt that I was allowed to use my two real-life favorite colors (for once!) and make something in a very Orange and Yellow motif. I had a set of blue leather pouches and bracers from a previous game that I spent a fair bit of money on, so I integrated blue into it for the sake of financial responsibility. The Zamen also make a show of gaudy jewelry, so I made a necklace with just too much going on.

Chantarelle’s constant companion, a giant hammer.

Chantarelle has been immensely good for my brain to play. I love being challenged at games, but sometimes I really like just being a good natured, tall tale telling, smash the bad guys with a hammer and be back in time to play a game of cards character where I can relax for the weekend. Chantarelle is ostensibly in town because they are an “Official Fathom Board Tournament Judge.” (Fathom being the world of Aukana’s most popular collectible card game, and yes, the staff made their own card game and had a professional board game designer do the layout and produce actual copies of this game within a game.) So, every couple of episodes of DI I run a tournament and the winner holds the Champion Cup for a year. I really enjoy this role in the community, engaging all the players in a group activity and getting to yell very loud about how amazing their plays are. I try to channel a little bit of Chaucer from a knights tale for this part, and yes I do a bad accent.

Addison Hawthorne (Floating Character)

Addison, at your service.

Addison started out at a fantasy larp that I tried once and it wasn’t for me, and since then I have taken them to Empire in Flames. I will very likely take them elsewhere because the costume is comfortable and I feel fabulous in it. They are a former bartender turned magical helper to a group of adventurers. Sometimes they can be found with their friend Parsley, sometimes their friend Lily. Addison tends to collect fae friends. Oops. 


Paige Goldfeather: Beinspora School of Magic

Next year I am attending Beinspora by Felbis Productions. I will be an Assistant Professor of magical creatures, but I do not have much information as of yet!


Prudence Henderson: Ashwick (Owl’s Hollow)

Prudence was thrown together last minute when I found out some friends were running (what I thought was a one-shot) and I managed to wrangle both of my brothers, my partner, and my best friend into coming in as a big family of Colonial settlers. Prudence is the name of my uncle’s dog. It was too perfect not to use.

I didn’t have much time so I went to savers to see if there was anything I could modify more easily than sewing a new outfit. I found a sensible plum colored blazer and changed the neckline and added buttons. I also found a linen skirt that I was able to cut into an apron. I layered this over a skirt I had made for a different costume but had become a little too beat up through the years to keep wearing for anything fancy. Perfect for a poor colonial person who has been on the road.

Prudence Henderson

Prudence is a very normal and average Puritanical lady. She likes to work on her sewing, and fret after the health of her twin brother Percival (My uncles other dog, played by my real-life brother, Cory) I decided to play a very average person for the time period, because I thought if I could get into the headspace of the time period that the spooky horror I knew was coming would be more scary for me. I also didn’t know too much about the time period, so I figured being a very simple lady would make me stress less about not knowing all that much about the lore.

My theory about being a simple person really panned out, when scary things started happening, the only things in my mind were keeping my family safe, and due to the characters being portrayed by my real family, I kind of let bleed work to my advantage here. At one in the morning, elbow deep in Percival’s blood (fake blood provided by staff) as I tried to stop him from bleeding out while hiding from demons, I was absolutely terrified.

Six months after the horrible events of that night, I am going to enter Prudence’s sensible shoes again and see what she is up to this November. I am really looking forward to it.