Giveaway Rules

Atomic Firebird’s Friend Follow Twitter Giveaway Rules!

First Giveaway!

I have a lot of stuff planned, but this bag was very cute and I couldn’t sit on it.

-Corgicorn dice clip bag by Aras Sivad

-Tiny Dice Buddies Pins by Double Feature

-And a set of cute orange dice to go with it from Green Leaf Geek *

*(Not their handmade ones, just to clarify)



First I would really like you to be a follower of me on Twitter. I get it if you bolt afterwards, BUT I do have a lot more giveaways coming. 😉 plus… I post a lot of pictures of cute animals.

Second. Like the post so I know who to add to the drawing.

Third! And this is the important part. 

I want you to go back to your own page and compose a tweet about a creator or artist you like and why they rock. You don’t have to tag me in it, I will go looking for them if you liked the giveaway post.

When the giveaway closes (For this one its on December 24th at 3pm EST) I will post the winner and message you for your address. International folks are totally cool to enter!

More Friend Follow Giveaways coming to a Friday near you!

And thank you for being a follower!

Because this is on my website, I have to leave with my silly tagline.

You are never too old for Make Believe!