Larp Community Discord

If you are interested in chatting with your fellow larpers, please join us in the Make Believe Discord Server! The page ground rules are here for you to make a decision if you want to come join us:

This server exists for respectful discourse and community building in the Live Action Role Playing community.

Feel free to poke around the channels, meet new people who love Larping, and learn new things!

Permissions are set so that you may edit your preferred name/pronouns, please feel free to do so. Normalizing Pronouns helps everyone!

We need your help to keep Make Believe a thriving and positive community. As such, we ask a few things of everyone here:

:straight_ruler: Rules :straight_ruler:

-Avoid toxic, hateful, or harrassing speech- We want to promote community and inclusivity in our nerdy make believe. Everyone should be able to enjoy themselves while feeling safe and accepted. There will be a zero tolerance policy for harassment, bullying, or intolerance based on race, orientation, gender expression, appearance, religion, nationality, or disability. We are also not going to ask you to avoid using adult language, but anything of a vulgar sexual nature is discouraged.

-Respect the privacy of others- Do not copy or take screenshots of conversations had here for posting on more public venues without the express permission of all parties mentioned. Also, avoid talking about people behind their backs.

-No spamming of messages off-topic to the channel- Check the channel’s pinned messages for any rules to follow, to make sure we’re keeping the server clean and organized!

-Mute channels you are not interested in and use content warnings!- For channels that do not interest you, please feel free to mute. For anyone asking for advice on difficult topics, please use content warnings so that people can feel safe to avoid triggering topics.

-Just be cool, folks- Avoid judgement calls on what the “right way” to Larp is, debates on what form of Larp is “best” and other alienating debate.

Make Believe Larp Community Discord

I had a lot of help starting the discord and organizing the pages, so thank you so much to Z, Nik, Meg, Dann, and Dorlyn.