Larping resources for Larpers under 18

It is a known factor that many boffer LARP’s set their minimum age at 18, sometimes for insurance reasons, site reasons, or a myriad of other factors. Ultimately, it can sometimes be hard to convince one’s parents to allow you to go to a campsite in the woods with a bunch of people in costumes for a sleepover… Larping before you turn 18 can be a struggle.

I brought my youngest brother to a LARP when he was 16, I had to vouch for him and promise to keep him out of danger, well, real-life danger, so our mom would allow it, and it was a great experience. And now, ten years later, said brother is the game director for one of the games I currently play and is a well-loved storyteller in the community. Would he still have ended up there if that spark of curiosity had not been encouraged when he was 16? I do not know, but I am firmly of the belief that younger people should be encouraged to play make-believe.

I am working on compiling a list of games, sorted by regions which allow people under 18. I intend to be reaching out and getting references from the games I put on this list to ensure that it is a safe community to direct underage folks to, any community with a bad track record on player safety, harassment, or which is not welcoming to minority groups will not be listed.

I intend for this to be a living document, with sections added as often as I find more resources. If you know of a game that allows folks under 18, or are someone under 18 who would like to be notified once I have compiled this list, I have created a google form here.