Where to find Wren online…

ERP Reaction - AtomicFirebird (Little Busters) - Laugh Break
Ashley my Disaster Jock in “Little Busters”
Current Games: (subject to change)

Live Streamed Games:

  • Cassandra Mortmaine on “Choir of Elements” at Twitch.tv/Scratticus  (D&D 5.0, live streamed, 6:30 pm EST Tuesdays)

  • Someone New Coming Soon! D&D system!
  • Several Someones Coming Soon! Michtim System 4-shot, DMing!


  • Dr. Vastrano Til on “Heroes of the Hydian Way.” which can be found on iTunes or Google podcasts, or @TheHydianWay on Twitter. (Star Wars FFG ttrpg system podcast, new episodes released every Thursday morning. I join the cast part of the way through the Edge of the Empire season.)

  • Someone New coming soon! D&D System
  • Someone New coming soon! Burning Wheel System.


And periodically I might jump into one shots or other interesting games, I will generally post on twitter about those.


And as always I am AtomicFirebird on Twitter and Instagram, and can be found on facebook at:


(Though, I am not going to lie, facebook is a very low priority update place for me.)